Applebee’s Breakfast Time: Kickstart Your Day Deliciously!

Applebee’s does not offer a designated breakfast menu as it specializes in lunch and dinner. Their hours typically start at 11 AM.

One of the most iconic casual dining spots, Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, is famous for its American cuisine, featuring signature dishes like the Riblet Platter and the Fiesta Lime Chicken. With an extensive menu that caters to a range of tastes, this restaurant is a go-to spot for many who enjoy hearty meals, appetizing appetizers, and a relaxed dining atmosphere.

Although sought after for its lunch combos and evening entrees, Applebee’s does not cater to the early morning breakfast crowd. Nevertheless, the brand continues to thrive by focusing on its strengths, which include a friendly environment, consistent food quality, and a dedication to community involvement. So for those craving Applebee’s comfort food, planning a visit after breakfast hours is the way to go.

Applebee's Breakfast Time: Kickstart Your Day Deliciously!


Rise And Shine With Applebee’s

Applebee’s Breakfast Time

Early birds and breakfast lovers rejoice! Applebee’s now introduces a delightful morning menu, perfect for starting your day with energy and flavor. Delve into a range of options, from savory eggs to sweet pancakes, all designed to satisfy your morning cravings. Enjoy the perfect breakfast in a cozy atmosphere.

City State Opening Time
Orlando Florida 6:30 AM
Las Vegas Nevada 7:00 AM
San Diego California 6:00 AM

Many Applebee’s locations serve breakfast. Check your local Applebee’s for breakfast hours. Start your day right with delicious dishes and a warm ambiance.

Applebee's Breakfast Time: Kickstart Your Day Deliciously!


Unpacking The Breakfast Menu

Applebee’s spices up morning routines with classic dishes reimagined. Breakfast favorites are infused with unique flavors. Guests enjoy a familiar yet fresh start to their day. The menu includes twists on pancakes, omelets, and waffles. Each dish boasts an unexpected ingredient.

Health-conscious eaters find plenty to savor at Applebee’s. The breakfast menu offers lighter options. Nutritious ingredients create fulfilling meals. Guests can choose from fruit bowls, egg white scrambles, and oatmeal. These dishes balance taste and wellness.

The Secret To Applebee’s Breakfast Success

The key to Applebee’s breakfast success hinges on their commitment to fresh ingredients and bold flavors. With a promise of starting your day with a burst of taste, their morning meals boast a blend of traditional and innovative dishes. Patrons can revel in a menu that caters to all palates.

Behind the scenes, skilled chefs craft each breakfast dish to create the ultimate comfort experience. The kitchen bustles with activity as nutritious breakfasts are whipped up to satisfy hunger and provide a hearty start to the day. It is Applebee’s unwavering dedication to quality that has secured its place as a breakfast favorite.

Applebee's Breakfast Time: Kickstart Your Day Deliciously!


Pairing Your Breakfast Like A Pro

Enjoying Applebee’s breakfast is even better with the right drinks. Hot coffee or iced tea kick-starts your brain. Think fresh orange juice for a vitamin C punch. And don’t forget milk or chocolate milk for a creamy treat. These choices make mornings sparkle.

Delicious sides turn a good breakfast into a great one. Want savory? Choose hash browns or bacon strips. Love sweet? Go for fruit slices or pancake syrup. They bring joy to your taste buds. Mix and match these perfect sides to create your ideal meal.

Beverage Options Perfect Sides
Hot Coffee Hash Browns
Iced Tea Bacon Strips
Fresh Orange Juice Fruit Slices
Milk / Chocolate Milk Pancake Syrup

Applebee’s Breakfast Promotions And Deals

Applebee’s rewards early risers with tempting Early Bird Specials. Guests flock to indulge in hearty, affordable breakfast options. Discounts shine from dawn, catching the wallet-friendly rays. Diners save big, swift morning visits transform into joyous, savory feasts.

Regulars bask in the warmth of Loyalty Rewards. Exclusive offers sprinkle their mornings with extra cheer. Collect points with each visit, savoring the climb to scrumptious freebies. Applebee’s breakfast regulars enjoy a kaleidoscope of benefits, ensuring each day starts with a sprinkle of delight.

The Social Side Of Applebee’s Mornings

Applebee’s breakfast doesn’t just serve food, it fosters community spirit. Frequent community events transform mornings into memorable moments. Guests bond over fluffy pancakes and sizzling bacon. During these gatherings, laughter merges with the comforting clink of cutlery.

Enthusiasts share their meals through hashtags and smiling selfies on platforms like Instagram. Each post showcases a delicious dish alongside new and old friends. Their shared experiences demonstrate Applebee’s role in bringing people together.

Frequently Asked Questions On Applebee’s Breakfast Time

What Time Does Applebee’s Serve Breakfast?

Applebee’s typically doesn’t offer breakfast menus chain-wide. It mainly focuses on lunch and dinner. However, specific locations might have unique breakfast offerings. It’s best to check with your local Applebee’s for their hours and availability.

Are Applebee’s Breakfast Options Available Daily?

Since most Applebee’s locations do not serve breakfast, daily breakfast options are usually not available. For locations that do serve breakfast, the availability can vary. Contact your local restaurant to confirm their breakfast schedule.

Does Applebee’s Have A Breakfast Menu Online?

Applebee’s official menu online primarily showcases lunch and dinner items. If a particular location offers breakfast, that menu might not be online. Calling the specific Applebee’s restaurant directly will provide the most accurate information.

Can I Order Applebee’s Breakfast For Delivery?

In general, Applebee’s does not have a breakfast menu, so breakfast delivery is not typically an option. However, you should check with your local restaurant for any special breakfast services they might offer.


Wrapping up, Applebee’s offers a tempting breakfast menu that shouldn’t be overlooked. With savory and sweet options, it’s an ideal spot for morning cravings. Don’t forget to check local store hours before visiting. Enjoy your next breakfast adventure at Applebee’s, where good times and great meals await!

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