Frisch’s Breakfast Menu with Prices: Savor the Savings!

Frisch’s offers a variety of breakfast items, with prices generally ranging from $3 to $10. The menu includes pancakes, eggs, sausages, and more.

Exploring Frisch’s breakfast menu is a journey into classic American breakfast culture, where hearty flavors meet affordable prices. Nestled into booths or at the counter, early risers and breakfast enthusiasts can dive into the warmth of griddled favorites and the comfort of freshly cooked eggs.

With a range of options from light fare to indulgent platters, their menu caters to all appetites. The price point ensures that enjoying a satisfying start to the day doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you’re kickstarting your workday or fueling up for an adventure, Frisch’s presents a welcoming dining experience that can fit into any morning routine.

Savoring Frisch’s Morning Delights

Frisch’s breakfast menu offers a rich variety of early morning favorites. Guests can enjoy classic eggs, pancakes, and homemade sausage. Breakfast hours are key for those eager to start their day with Frisch’s. The cuisine clock for breakfast kicks off early and welcomes guests with open arms.

Prices are friendly, making it easy for families to dig into delicious meals without a hefty bill. Fluffy pancakes with syrup, savory sausage, and eggs cooked to your liking are all on the menu. The morning delights are served with warmth, ensuring a great start to your day.

Item Price
Classic Eggs & Bacon $5.99
Buttermilk Pancakes $4.49
Homemade Sausage $3.00
Savory Omelette $6.49

Frisch’s Breakfast Menu: A Closer Look

Frisch’s breakfast menu delights with sweet pancakes and mouth-watering French toast. The golden-brown pancakes come with syrup or fruit toppings. Guests can mix and match to create their perfect meal. French toast lovers can indulge in thick slices dipped in egg and griddled to perfection.

For those craving something savory, the omelet selection is a hit. Each omelet is filled with fresh ingredients and cheese. The combo meals include eggs, meat choices, and sides. These combos fill you up with taste and energy. Below is a quick overview of the egg-centered dishes and their prices.

Breakfast Item Price
Classic Pancake Stack (3 pcs) $5.99
French Toast Platter $6.49
Western Omelet $7.99
Build-Your-Own Omelet $7.49
Meat & Eggs Combo $8.99

Prices That Please Your Wallet

Frisch’s breakfast menu offers delicious options without emptying your wallet. Affordable prices make it easy to enjoy morning favorites. Try the savory Big Boy® Breakfast. It’s a hit with diners of all ages. For a lighter start, pick the pancake platter. Its sweet taste and low cost will brighten your day.

Love saving money? Use these simple tips. First, check for combo deals. These often shave dollars off your bill. Second, sign up for Frisch’s rewards program. Members get access to exclusive discounts. Last, visit during breakfast hours. Enjoy lower prices on many tasty dishes.

Item Price
Big Boy® Breakfast $5.99
Pancake Platter $3.99

Lighter Choices For A Fresh Morning

Frisch’s Breakfast Menu makes starting your day healthy and delicious easy. Yogurt and fruit plates rank high among choices for those watching their calorie intake. These plates couple creamy yogurt with seasonal fruits, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and tang. It’s a nourish-filled start that energizes you for the day ahead.

For a quick yet full meal, turn to their cereal selections. Each bowl is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, catering to both taste and health. Frisch’s cereals come in various types, catering to all ages and preferences. Pair these with low-fat milk or a dairy-free alternative for an extra health kick. No matter your morning rush, they’ve got you covered with these quick and nutritious options.

For The Sweet Tooth: Syrupy Selections

Frisch’s Breakfast Menu delights those with a love for sweet and syrupy flavors. Their Decadent French Toast comes in golden-brown slices, drenched in syrup, making it a morning favorite. Powdered sugar and a pat of butter often crowns this cinnamon-spiced dish.

Wander into a Waffle Wonderland where the toppings steal the show. Guests can choose from a variety of toppings like fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. Each waffle is crispy on the outside, fluffy inside, creating the perfect canvas for a delicious masterpiece. The prices for these treats are as friendly as the service, ensuring a delightful experience that’s also easy on the wallet.

Beverage Bliss: Wake Up Your Taste Buds

Frisch’s Breakfast Menu delights with a variety of beverages to kickstart your morning. Enjoy a steaming cup of coffee for that essential caffeine boost. Coffee lovers can choose between rich, bold flavors or lighter, aromatic blends. If tea is more your speed, a selection of herbal and traditional teas await to soothe or invigorate your senses.

Looking for something cold? The menu offers chilled fruit juices, perfect for a vitamin-packed start to the day. From tangy orange to crisp apple, there’s a fresh juice to suit every palate. Not to forget the young ones and the young at heart, who can enjoy a refreshingly cold glass of milk to complement their meal.

Kids’ Corner: Little Bites For Little Ones

Frisch’s Breakfast Menu shines in the Kids’ Corner. Fun and nutritious options delight the little ones.

Choose from tiny pancakes, itty-bitty eggs, and more. Each portion is just the right size for small tummies.

Healthy Treats for Tots feature fresh fruit and yogurt dips. These treats make tiny bodies and parents both happy.

Frisch's Breakfast Menu with Prices: Savor the Savings!

Frequent Diners: Rewards And Specials

Frequent diners reap benefits at Frisch’s. By joining the loyalty program, customers earn rewards and discounts. Accumulate points with each purchase. Redeem these for free meals or discounts.

Members receive exclusive specials. Keep an eye out for the Seasonal Surprises on the menu. Special dishes appear for a limited time. Delight in new flavors and save money. It’s perfect for those who love variety and value at breakfast.

Taking A Peek At Customer Favorites

Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant is famous for its hearty breakfasts. Customers love the Hotcake Special, served with warm syrup and butter. Another crowd-pleaser is the Breakfast Bar, offering eggs, bacon, and biscuits. Regulars often praise the French Toast, dipped in egg and grilled to a golden brown. The Classic Egg Breakfast comes with toast and a choice of breakfast meat.

Breakfast Item Price
Hotcake Special $5.99
Breakfast Bar $7.99
French Toast $6.49
Classic Egg Breakfast $6.99

Kids and adults equally enjoy the Choco-Chip Pancakes, a sweet chocolatey twist to breakfast. Guests also share positive feedback about the Country Omelette, packed with cheese and vegetables. Often highlighted in testimonials, visitors emphasize the freshness and variety in the breakfast menu. People keep coming back for the top picks, solidifying their status as fan favorites.

Frisch's Breakfast Menu with Prices: Savor the Savings!

Navigating Nutritional Info

Frisch’s Breakfast Menu offers a variety of options for starting your day. Keeping an eye on calorie intake is straightforward with detailed nutritional information. It’s essential to know the calorie count for weight management and health goals. The restaurant provides clear details on the energy content of their breakfast items. This allows guests to make informed choices based on their dietary needs.

For those with food allergies or specific dietary requirements, Frisch’s alerts are lifesaving. The menu includes allergen information to safeguard guests against potential reactions. People with gluten intolerance, nut allergies, or dairy sensitivities can find safe meal options. Patrons preferring vegetarian or vegan meals will also find suitable selections. This vigilance ensures a safe and enjoyable dining experience for everyone.

Frisch's Breakfast Menu with Prices: Savor the Savings!

Frequently Asked Questions For Frisch’s Breakfast Menu With Prices

What Does Frisch’s Big Boy Offer For Breakfast?

Frisch’s Big Boy serves a variety of breakfast options including classic items. Patrons can enjoy pancakes, omelets, and their signature Big Boy breakfasts. Prices and options might vary by location.

Are Frisch’s Breakfast Menu Items Affordable?

Frisch’s breakfast menu offers reasonably priced options. Customers can find breakfast combos and individual items catering to different budgets. It’s known for providing value for money.

Does Frisch’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

Frisch’s typically serves breakfast during specific morning hours. Availability may depend on the location. It’s best to check with your local Frisch’s for their exact breakfast hours.

Can I Customize My Breakfast At Frisch’s?

Yes, Frisch’s often allows customers to customize their breakfast orders. Choices of toppings and sides give flexibility to create your preferred meal.


Wrapping up, Frisch’s offers a variety of hearty breakfast options at reasonable prices. Their menu caters to both classic tastes and adventurous palates. Whether you’re planning a family outing or seeking a solo treat, their breakfast spread is worth exploring.

Remember, a fulfilling start to the day is just an order away at Frisch’s.


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