Remy Hair – The Very Basic Of Human Hair Extensions & Wigs

The most fundamental type of Indique Hair extensions has always been remy straight hair extensions. Recognize why remy hair is crucial when it comes to hair extensions.

The Very Basic Of Human Hair Extensions & Wigs Is Remy Hair
Remy human hair is a term that many individuals in the wig and hair extension industry are unfamiliar with. However, it is crucial to comprehend this word since Remy human hair differs significantly from other types of human hair.

The term “Remy Hair” frequently appears when looking for the highest quality hair extensions, wigs, and other hair accessories. Before searching for the highest quality hair extensions, it’s important to be aware of the sort of hair that goes into their creation.

In order to provide more clarity when purchasing new wigs or hair extensions, we will address some of the numerous questions around remy hair extensions in this blog.

What does “remy” in hair mean?
The phrase “in the same direction” relates to how the hair cuticle grows and is used to describe Remy hair. The cuticle, which is a strand of hair’s outer layer, gives it strength, smoothness, and gloss. Tangling and frizz can result from a section of hair’s cuticle not being intact. Make sure your stylist only utilises genuine Remy hair if you’re thinking about obtaining hair extensions. Remy hair costs more than other hair kinds since it comes from a single donor and is of higher quality. However, it will ultimately benefit you because your hair will be less prone to tangling than non-Remy hair. Additionally, it might aid in extending the life of your hair extensions.

Is human hair used in remy hair?
Yes! Real human hair that has been donated or collected from a single individual is known as “remy hair.” Human hair is used in all Remy hair extensions, although not all human hair is used in Remy hair extensions. The industry currently uses human hair in grades, with 1A being the lowest quality and 10A being the greatest. The greatest types to take into account while purchasing natural hair are Indian, Mongolian, or Malaysian hair.

Is the source of remy hair ethical?
Remy hair is a type of hair that comes from healthy human heads. It is frequently gathered from women who have willingly cut or shaved their scalps or from Indian temples. The brand and its beliefs determine how to source hair responsibly. One such company is Indique, which gets its raw hair from individual vendors and Indian temples. However, businesses like Chinese ones do not make this hair in an ethical manner; instead, they use forced labour to obtain their hair for a much lower price.

Black-gold hair products are made using forced labour in Xinjiang, according to

How good is remy human hair?
Due to their virginity and lack of chemical processing, Remy Hair (Top Quality Virgin Human Hair) is the best quality human hair available, giving stylists a tonne of creative freedom with their hair accessories. For hair extensions, it is the best option because it appears the most natural. Compared to other hair types, remy hair lasts longer, is shinier, and is simpler to style and maintain. The best thing about Indique is that even the non-remy or machine-remy hair is of the highest quality and will last longer than the extensions from beauty supply stores. If price is not really a concern for you, Indique always advises choosing from its pure collection because it is made of remy and virgin human hair.

Remy hair is what grade?
Grades 7A to 10A are the range for remy hair. It is simple to colour and style, ranging from 7A, which is slightly thin, to 10A, which is the thickest. To differentiate themselves from the competition, which might have been selling low-quality hair, hair extension suppliers created the hair grading system to assess the quality of raw hair delivered to buyers.

Are remy hair extensions the best?
Given that they are created from the highest caliber, 100% virgin human hair, Remy hair extensions are without a doubt the greatest hair extensions currently available. Under a microscope, each strand of hair in remy hair extensions resembles your real hair very closely.

The closest cuts to the scalp or cuticle provide the best Remy hair extensions because they leave each strand looking as natural and healthy as possible.

What distinguishes remy hair from non-remy hair?
Human hair that has been gathered from a single donor or source is known as “remy hair.” Because the cuticles remain intact and oriented in a single direction, they will eventually last longer and provide the stylist with more colouring and styling possibilities.

Non-Remy Hair is also 100% Human Hair, but the hair is sourced from several places in this case. Because of the mismatched cuticles, the hair is more likely to tangle and break.

Which is more superior, virgin or remy hair?
Remy virgin hair is the best type of hair to purchase. Remy hair is typically virgin (never having undergone any chemical treatment), whereas many companies claim their non-remy hair is also virgin. However, this is not possible because the source of non-remy hair is always ambiguous, so it is unethical to make this claim about non-remy hair.

Remy hair is hair that has been meticulously removed from a single hair donor by a hair collector. To ensure that every hair is moving in the same direction, the hair is pulled back into a ponytail. The hair is then clipped and kept in this condition. The longevity and quality of the hair depend on the cuticles remaining intact and aligned in one direction.

On the other side, virgin hair is a term used to refer to hair that has not undergone any chemical treatments and is undamaged, unprocessed, and entirely intact. Virgin hair is defined as having never undergone bleaching, coloring, dyeing, or other chemical processing. Because there is no damage to the strands, virgin hair is frequently more durable and lasts longer than other hair varieties.

The definition of “human hair quality”
The quantity of single-drawn or double-drawn hair utilised in the bundle determines the quality of the human hair. Simply explained, the quality increases with the number of 18-inch hair strands in the bundle. The hair grading system assigns a 5A or higher grade to pure human hair.

How durable is remy human hair?
Human hair extensions made of remy can endure for 12 to 18 months. Remy human hair can last for years if it is properly maintained, cared for, and visited by a hairstylist on occasion. Remy human hair can readily last up to 24 months with the right upkeep.

How do you know if hair is high quality?
There are a few factors to examine in order to assess the quality of hair used in wigs, extensions, and other hair pieces. It is crucial to understand the origin of the hair as well as its type, such as whether it is virgin, non-remy, or remy. Being mindful of words like “cuticle-aligned,” “remy,” and “virgin hair” while purchasing hair extensions online helps ensure that you are getting the greatest hair.

What distinguishes human hair from remy human hair?
Human hair is the hair that comes from several sources and is further divided into virgin, non-remy, and remy hair.

The finest type of human hair available is called remy. It never mats or tangles since it is constantly virgin and has cuticles that are kept in place and always point in the same direction. Compared to other varieties of human hair, remy hair will endure a very long period.

Non-Remy The substance known as “hair” is typically gathered from hairbrushes and hair that has fallen to the ground; it is never known whether it is virgin hair or not. They are placed in an acid bath to remove any cuticles since the hair does not all run in the same direction. After that, they are coated in silicone to add lustre and conceal any cuticles that the acid bath did not manage to remove.

Brazilian hair or remy hair: which is better?
Because of the manner in which it is obtained from hair donors, remy human hair is distinctive. The hair follicles all point in the same direction since the cuticles are still present. Every strand of Remy human hair now appears authentic and healthy.

Brazilian Hair is merely a name for a subcategory. It does not indicate that the hair came from these locations. In reality, they are only labels given by individuals in the hair industry to generate talk about the hair that already exists. Brazilian hair is typically associated with the way that hair feels and looks. Brazilian hair is remy hair, too, with comparable qualities to other remy hair.

What kind of hair works best for wigs?
Without a question, Remy hair is the most popular type of hair used to create high-quality wigs. Remy hair offers adaptability for style, coloring, and cutting the hair according to the wearer because it is 100% human hair. Additionally, it is one of the most exclusive and expensive hair types on the market.

Is it possible to heat style remy hair extensions?
You can treat your Remy hair extensions the same way you would your own natural hair when it comes to styling. This entails that you can straighten, curl, and blow-dry them without any problems.

Remy hair extensions are just as prone to heat damage as your own hair, it’s crucial to keep in mind. Because of this, you must always spray heat protection spray on any extension hair before using a hot curling or straightening iron on it. You may style your hair anyway you want without worrying about damaging your extensions by taking these precautions, and you can simply extend their lifespan as well.

Can you dye remy human hair?
Yes! Since remy human hair is 100 percent human hair, it can be coloured. The pros should always dye Remy human hair extensions, though, since they will know how to apply the dye correctly and what procedures must be performed to reach your desired final colour.

What does “cuticle” in hairstyling mean?
The outermost covering of a hair strand is known as a hair cuticle. It keeps the hair healthy, giving it shine and luster, and guards against damage.

What type of cuticle is found in human hair?
A healthy cuticle is flat and smooth, giving your hair shine and preventing damage to the inner layers. Additionally, it keeps your hair moisturised and keeps it from getting too dry or brittle.

How many layers of cuticle may a hair strand have?
There are three layers of cuticles on a single hair. Three types of fundamental hair scales—coronal (crown-like), spinous (petal-like), and imbricate—make up the cuticle. (flattened).

What does remy cuticle-intact hair mean?
Cuticle Intact Remy Hair refers to hair with intact, natural cuticles that have not been harmed by styling. The greatest quality is supplied to the buyer and, ultimately, to the consumer when the cuticles are intact. Cuticles are essential because they safeguard the hair and give it a natural sheen and texture. Additionally, it will extend the lifespan of hair extensions.

Cuticle intact hair extensions: what are they?
Hair extensions with intact cuticles safeguard the hair against harm by being completely intact. The most premium quality hair extensions are produced as a consequence.

What does remy cuticle-intact hair mean?
As Non-Remy hair is gathered from heaps of hair, brushes, fallen hair, and occasionally even hair that is thrown away, its cuticles are removed since they are not aligned in one direction. Thus, by immersing the hair in a “acid bath,” the cuticles are removed from the hair. The hair is then covered in silicone to give it sheen, luster, and a real human hair-like sensation.

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