Why Red Hair Fades & How to Keep Your Red Hair Vibrant

Recently, burgundy hair inspiration has been flooding our Instagram feeds, and we are so inspired by these vibrant hair ideas! However, burgundy is a complicated hue that, if not properly maintained, will fade quickly. However, it looks incredibly good when it looks good! Following, we’ll look at why red hair dye does fade more quickly than other hair colours and what you can do to prolong the colour of your hair.

Why does 1b/99j hair color fade so quickly?
Red pigment has considerably larger colour molecules than other colours, so it doesn’t enter the cortex of the hair as deeply as other colours, regardless of the brand or manufacturer of the colour kit. Additionally, it implies that with each wash, it escapes the cuticle more quickly. Red hair colour can fade considerably in three months, even with the best colorists, so the hair is now orange or brassy. To get the red pigment to adhere to the hair and thoroughly penetrate the cuticle and stain it, our factory had to dye it four or five times. After high-temperature steam treatment, the hair’s colour lasted longer and faded gradually. It’s crucial to protect your hair from things like heat, chlorine, and environmental pollution and to only use hair care products made for color-treated hair.

How can red hair be kept from fading?
In between touch-up appointments with your colorist, these suggestions will help you preserve your red hair.

  1. When washing your hair, use cold water.
    The rate at which your colour ages greatly depends on the temperature of the water you use to wash your hair. To keep your red hair brilliant, it’s best to avoid taking hot showers and switch to cold ones instead. The hair cuticle is loosened by hot water, allowing the colour to escape. To get the most out of the dye job, keep it cold.
  2. Use less shampoo
    Over-shampooing is the main factor in red hair fading and turning brassy. Shampoo and water both have an impact on the cuticle, which dulls the colour of the hair. With red hair, this is especially true. By shampooing as little as possible, you can preserve your colour. Try to wash your red hair no more than twice a week.
  3. Following each wash, condition your hair.
    Every time you wash your hair, the cuticle needs to be re-sealed. It becomes more ragged after washing, which speeds up fading. Nothing enters or exits your strand if the cuticle is sealed. Conditioner seals the cuticle, preventing environmental irritants that hasten fading and preserving colour inside. Every time you wash your hair, use a conditioner as the last step.
  4. Treat your wet hair gently.
    Because the structure of the hair strand changes when it is wet, damp hair is significantly more brittle than dry hair. Wet hair is more prone to push color-treated hair to the breaking point when brushed. To prevent breaking, be gentle with your just washed hair and only use a brush made especially for damp hair.
  5. Use only dye-safe products on your hair.
    Always use color-safe hair products, particularly when using shampoo, which can remove hair colour. Antioxidants, proteins, and amino acids are present in these products to reinforce the hair cuticle and stop colour leakage. The color-safe shampoos in the Davines line gently cleanse hair while preserving your colour and keeping it shining for longer.
  6. Guard your hair from the sun.
    Your hair requires SPF to shield it from UV rays, just like your skin does. SPF-containing hair treatments can help stop colour fading. Apply a UV-blocking conditioner to your strands if you want to spend the day at the beach or pool to prevent colour fading.

How should red hair be maintained and cared for?
You may maintain the colour of your red hair by using the following advice.

  1. Use a colour depositing shampoo to revive your colour.
    Replace your color-safe shampoo with a red colour depositing shampoo whenever you feel like your hair needs a boost. It will instantly rejuvenate your red between colour touch-ups because it is made with red pigments.

Utilize a hair mask 2.
A hair mask is beneficial for everyone, including redheads. A hair mask keeps color-treated hair moisturised, which is essential for maintaining brilliant hair colour. Use a hair mask like The Quick Fix Circle once a week to prevent your red hair from fading. After washing, apply it to towel-dried hair, let it sit for three minutes, comb through, and then rinse with lukewarm water.

  1. Make use of dry shampoo between washes.
    You already know that you should wash your hair no more frequently than twice a week. You’ll be able to keep your shade longer if you do this. However, what should you do if your hair becomes oily occasionally? You purchase a quality dry shampoo. To prevent white residue from appearing on your red, look for an invisible product.
  2. Don a hat.
    Wear a hat to shield your hair from weather that might dry it out and make it appear dull. Wear a cap if you’re going outside to prolong the life of your red hair and shield your skin from UV rays.
  3. Steer clear of pools
    If you can’t entirely avoid the pool, moisten your hair with tap water and add conditioner before you enter to prevent over-chlorination. Better still, stock up on swim caps to keep your hair covered; any amused stares you receive when you remove the cap to reveal the appearance of magnificent, shining, and brilliant red hair will be worth it.
  4. Abandon heated styling
    Compared to natural hair, coloured hair is more heat-sensitive. Heat styling is therefore bad for any hair, but it’s particularly bad for hair that has been coloured. Try to avoid using heat when styling your red hair to prolong the life of the colour. However, if you must use a blow-dryer or a flat iron, be sure to apply heat protectant on your hair first.

The current hair colour trend is red. It’s a tricky shade that is infamous for fading quickly, but if you do it right, it’s really lovely! There is a red for everyone, and it may be the most fantastic hair colour you’ve ever tried if you use the appropriate tools and take extra care of your strands. Arm yourself with our advice on how to keep red hair hot if you’re considering wearing a red wig.

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